Trump Mini Me: A Political Novice Wreaks Havoc in Middle America

Macomb Daily

Here’s a cautionary Tale for the normally sane who might be tempted to drink the Trump kool-aid again.

Karen Spranger, the now former Macomb County (Michigan) Clerk/Register of Deeds, was the center of a political storm that started the day she was elected as a Tea Party Republican last November. She had never run for, or held any previous political office, and some attributed her unlikely election to the prevailing mood of Macomb County voters who bought into the Trump movement – she was new to politics, so that had to be good.

The drama finally ended last Tuesday when a judge ordered Spranger removed from office for lying about her residency.

Like Trump, this political novice thought that she had complete authority over her office, and could do whatever she wanted. That included interfering with the normal functioning of her office in numerous ways, like firing anybody she wanted without going through human resources. The result was an office in disarray with a backlog of work that required a judge to intervene and order a swift resolution. (Which didn’t happen – the backlog remains for others to fix)

During Spranger’s fifteen months in office, there were 43 occurrences that contributed to an atmosphere of chaos within the office, and convinced many in county government that she lacked the requisite competence for the job. (Sound familiar?)

A sample of her brief but dramatic tenure:

  • Had her computer access cut off for a time after she allowed non-county workers to use it, resulting in a fine for ethics violations.
  • Fired the two top deputies who had helped her get elected, and who are now suing her.
  • Asked the county to fund an independent council so she could displace, reassign or demote unionized workers. The request was rejected.
  • Totaled her county car when she rear-ended another vehicle.
  • Sued by the county for obstructing a plan to move 2 of her offices to a new building.
  • She sued the county to lift a ban on weapons in her office.
  • She sued the county to have the court to declare her as “The Boss” in her office.
  • Caused the aforementioned work backlog which dismayed residents and confounded local businesses.

Running parallel to all of this was the charge that Spranger lied about her county residency. When an investigation was finally undertaken, it found that the house in which she claimed to be living had five feet of garbadge piled up throughout, making it impossible enter. A bulldozed had to punch an opening in the exterior to gain entry.

Spranger is now facing three criminal cases, including battery for kicking an employee and taking a non-employee to a conference in Washington, D.C. at the expense of the county – in addition to perjury for signing an affidavit with knowledge that what she reported was not true.

But as might be expected, Ms. Spranger is not going quietly. In a rambling document filed in federal court, she is seeking to have her position returned, and is demanding an immediate investigation and audit into possible crimes against the clerk’s office.

The document appears to be seeking intervention by Gov. Rick Snyder and makes mention of the use of the Michigan National Guard to “execute, suppress insurrection and repel invasion.”

The 11-page document is titled “administrative claim notice of administrative overthrow of a constitutional office clerk of court of Macomb County by rogue county agents.” Spranger wants the return of “all illegally removed files by those public officials who are in insurrection and rebellion and who have gone on strike against the constitution. Who have withheld and removed books, records, files from my County Clerk office.”

The topic listed on the document is “overthrow of a Constitutional Public Office violation” and the investigation and injunction would be to “stop the overthrow of a Constitutional Public Office.” The letterhead on the document is listed “class, Rodney-Dale, Private Attorney General, 14th Amendment section 4, Constitutional Bounty Hunter” out of Cleveland, N.C. Rodney Dale Class is listed as a “private attorney general” from North Carolina on the AntiCorruption Society website.

The document is filed to the attention of Gov. Snyder; U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart (whose district covers West Virginia); David Gelios, the former head of the Detroit FBI; the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit, and President Donald Trump. It also lists a number of county officials who it claims violated the constitution and are guilty of insurrection and rebellion and “are committing mutiny”.

County Executive Mark Hackel appropriately labeled the filing as “gibberish.”

The best possible outcome would be for Karen Spranger to get the help she obviously needs. It’s also a cautionary tale of warning about making uninformed assumptions concerning what’s best for a community, state – or country.

Source: Detroit Free Press &



Intuitive Anarchy: Freedom from the Inside-Out


Perception – Original Digital Composition

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. Albert Camus

As a philosophy, Anarchy has many shapes and shades. In popular culture, it’s most commonly associated with rebellion, lawlessness and destruction. But in the real world, there are several dozen types, including Capitalist, Feminist, Christian, Naturalist and Pacifist, just to name a few. The one thing all have in common is a belief that authority-based hierarchical organizations infringe on basic personal liberty. Styles of opposition can range from the anti-social criminal enterprises such as depicted by TV’s Sons of Anarchy, to one of the many non-violent political strains such as Libertarianism (yes, Libertarianism is considered a type of anarchy).

A more in-depth look at the subject can easily be accomplished via web search. The point I want to make here is that despite all their effort at detailed analysis and explanation, intellectually based versions of anarchy are inherently limited. They may succeed in minimizing the effect of authority and control, but they cannot eliminate it altogether. For example, even if the federal government were reduced to the size of a deer tick, it would still have some degree of control. In truth, authentic freedom can’t and won’t be manifested as long as the focus is on ways and means external to the individual.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges!
In contrast to the common forms of anarchy, let’s imagine another kind which focuses on personal freedom in its most elemental form. This form circumvents every gear and lever in the social-potitical machine. Let’s call it Intuitive Anarchy, a term that expresses the notion of a totally different approach to dealing with authority. Instead of opposing it, Intuitive Anarchy bypasses authority altogether. And it is able to do so because it recognizes the intrinsic authority that all humans are born with, but which most fail to grasp. This basic authority, which could also be called original authority (some would call it original sin), is the true source of personal empowerment and freedom. It renders all external authority fundamentally powerless.

Original authority is only actualized by connecting with the individual’s inherent transcendent core. This transcendent core is not subject to, and more importantly, has no need to be subject to, “principalities and powers”. The transcendent core is able to nullify external authority because it is not controlled by ego (small self) needs. Its only desire is to experience connection with a larger, more inclusive identity. In contrast, the behavior of an average human being is motivated by the ego’s self-interest – what I want, what I need, what is mine, what or who I need to be protected from. The ego relies on left brain functioning to gather information and make decisions based on what it believes to be facts and reason. It deceives its host by planting the conviction that logic determines their choices when unconscious motivators are actually doing the work.

The transcendent core, on the other hand, connects us with a vast and far more reliable way of knowing – intuition. Even though intuition is available to all, it is not fully understood and accessible to most. Intuition is related to introspection and feelings, things that people (mostly men) work very hard to avoid. Traditional education trains the thinking mind, while failing to value and nurture intuitive sensitivity. Music and art classes, the closest the system has come to encouraging this side of the mind, have been systematically cut back or eliminated altogether.

The “F” Word
So why has intuition been relegated to the second tier? Because It’s easier for humans to identify with a physical object (like a possession), which is the currency of the thinking mind. Identifying with objects feeds the belief that all things are separate – I am separate from you and everything else that can be objectified. My feelings of separate-ness create the belief that I need to gain some measure of control over others in order to protect myself from them. If I were to recognize intuition as a valid method of perception, it would upset my ordered, albiet mistaken, world view and therefore be seen as a personal threat.

Intuition exposes the basic fallacy of the object-as-primary view. Intuition knows that everything is connected in a way that cannot be perceived by the senses, as Saint- Exupery expresses so well in The Little Prince when he says, “It is only in the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

A person’s true identity is not the physical body or the thinking brain (despite what Descartes believed: “I think, therefore I am”). Rather, identity is rooted in the transcendent core, through which access is gained to a limitless universe of perception. This is the source of intuition. And when the “I” of one’s core being is actualized, the way is cleared for authentic and incorruptible freedom – Freedom with a capital “F”.

This is anarchy in the purest sense. It is Freedom grounded in compassion for self and others – not tearing anything down, not trading one form of myopic politics for another, but simply having a level of self-awareness which gives an individual the ability to opt-out of playing the game as defined by political-social convention. It removes conflict instead of creating it. It knows there is nothing to fear when identity is grounded in the transcendent core of one’s being. This is what the principalities and powers fear most. They know that just one individual empowered by their inner authority is big trouble (eg. Socrates, Jesus, St. Francis, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Gandhi).

The Razor’s Edge
OK, so Intuitive Anarchy is a way of accessing authentic Freedom. But how do we get there? How does one integrate with, and internalize original authority? Consider this verse from the Katha-Upanishad:

The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over, thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard.

And what is the sharp edge of the razor? Conscious Awareness. Intuitive Anarchy implies a capacity to actualize a level of being that, up till now, has not been experienced by most humans. It requires an evolved consciousness which is no longer trapped by ego attachments that typically create and feed the kind of social dysfunction which so far has defined the human condition. It’s a consciousness that radically alters one’s relationship with . . . well, everything!

Personal value is no longer derived from income, possessions or social standing. Ego-enhancing props lose all value, having been replaced by a conscious awareness that declines to judge self and others by arbitrary and meaningless standards. Artificial barriers between people, countries and races come down. The social darwinism which justified much of our care-less behavior is discarded and never again used to legitimize unscrupulous, deceitful and destructive interactions. Commerce becomes less preoccupied with profit by giving greater importance to the meaning and purpose of right livelihood instead. As the level of consciousness rises, so does the index of compassion and love. Fear is replaced by love as the primary motivating force in social and political activities. Love is Freedom, and Freedom is Love. And that is our salvation.

This level of being has long been considered the exclusive province of mystics and saints. We are now learning otherwise. Along with innate authority, humans also posess the innate capacity to actualize higher levels of consciousness. Nurturing that capacity is now the greatest need. Just as being born with the mental ability to do math (more or less) and speak in intelligible sentences still requires instruction and practice to become proficient, so too we’re born with intuitive ability, but may need guidance and practice to gain confidence in its use. There’s no great mystery; it’s really as natural as breathing.

Not Your Father’s Utopia
Skeptics will say this is just another version of the tired old utopian ideal. They take great pleasure in deriding the notion of a world populated by individuals who chose to live in harmony with each other and with the planet; who value simplicity and compassion over consumption and acquisition. Such thinking is casually dismissed as fantasy, not worthy of serious consideration.

But it’s not that critics don’t take the possibility of a real Utopia seriously. In fact, that’s the problem – they can imagine it all too well. Being able to forsee the implications of a workable utopia scares them to death. That’s because where some see a society flourishing with the applied principles of Intuitive Anarchy, (through simplicity, sustainability and cooperation) others see only limitation and infringement on their right to exploit people and resources to the fullest extent of the law – and beyond.

This is the great fear. They cannot comprehend how long accepted (and in some cases, worshiped) values of wealth and power could no longer be attractive for a growing number of people whose core values embrace leading lives of simple abundance and personal fulfillment. Indeed, an evolved consciousness turns the world upside down. It must appear as puzzling as a Zen koan – logic is no longer logical.

Being reborn into a new level of awareness is challenging (the razor’s edge). Openly engaging the world as an Intuitive Anarchist who is empowered with original authority requires enduring the labor pains brought on by breaking free from the shell of self-imposed restraints. We mistakenly believe the shell is for our protection when all it does is limit our limitless potential. Salvation (Love/Freedom) can only be realized when the restrictive shell is shattered, and a truly Free being emerges. That goes for a country and a planet as well.

The energetic connection between everyone and everything is a basic universal truth. With humanity’s contagious collective insanity, that truth has been more burden than blessing. However, the underlying connectivity can also work for us. Those who undergo transformation influence others with their positively charged energy. Each person who awakens then adds to the momentum of our collective evolution in consciousness, and that makes it easier for others to follow.

The true founder of anarchy was Jesus Christ and … the first anarchist society was that of the apostles. Georges Lechartier


Truth: The Gun Industry is Essentially Unregulated

Wall Street Journal

A database called Violation Tracker collects data on enforcement activity by more than 40 federal regulatory agencies and the Justice Department. It provides penalty totals for about 50 major industry groups. High on the list are controversial industries frequently involved in misconduct, like banks, oil companies, pharmaceutical producers etc.

Missing from the list: the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and the gun industry.

ATF’s website has a statistical report on the gun industry, along with a list of rulings that appear to deal with general policy issues, including licensing. But the is nothing regarding individual company behavior. There is a page concerning relevant provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations, but the word “enforcement” hardly appears on the website, except for references to the law enforcement community.

This casual approach by the federal government is also reflected in the SEC filings of publicly traded gun manufacturers. For example, the recently published annual report of Sturm, Ruger & Company has one perfunctory reference to ATF and gives the impression the agency is not much of a concern.

Gun manufacturers are supposed to be subject to the same broad federal regulation covering all industries. Yet, aside from licensing requirements, the gun business lacks significant oversight relating to issues such as safety like the kind exercised by the Food and Drug Administration or the Federal Railroad Administration.

Special legislation has provided extraordinary protection to an industry whose products are so lethal.

In truth, the ATF is a licensing body but not an enforcement agency. The gun industry is essentially unregulated, and the National Rifle Association continues to make sure it stays that way.


NRA is the Largest Dark Money Group in U.S.


88% of Americans support background checks on ALL gun sales. Yet, elected government representatives are stuck at a political impasse, unwilling to take any steps to curb gun violence.

The major reason for the senseless gridlock is the National Rifle Association. The NRA is the nation’s largest dark money group, spending an estimated $35 million to influence the 2016 elections. Because the NRA does not disclose it’s donors, the American public has no idea who is spending money to control our country’s gun policy. The possibilities range from gun manufacturers, to wealthy individuals, to foreign governments.

The NRA’s investment in our political system isn’t in vain. For example, just this past December, the House of Representatives voted on the NRA-supported Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would allow people having a concealed carry permit in one state to bring their guns with them to any other state. Representatives that voted in favor of the law received 34 times as much money from gun rights interest groups as lawmakers who opposed the measure.

The bill passed by a vote of 231-198.


How Big Tobacco Targets the Mentally Ill


Want more proof that nothing is out of bounds for tobacco companies in carrying out their profitable mission to push “nicotine delivery systems” any way they can? Consider this –

Did you know mentally ill adults smoke one third of all cigarettes in the US? It’s true, and it didn’t come about just by accident. In 2007 Big Tobacco was forced to admit that starting in the 1950s it had targeted mentally ill people with bogus scientific evidence and free cigarettes.

Two whopping lies were used to convince vulnerable people, their families and even the medical profession that smoking cigarettes was a good idea. It was claimed:

1. Smoking relieves the symptoms of psychosis, depression and anxiety.
2. Mentally ill people have special immunity to tobacco-related disease.

These unbelievably cynical fabrications were pushed so aggressively by cigarette-makers that many customers/victims still believe them and suffer the effects.

But that’s not all we have to offer!

Smoking has become an expensive addiction, and most people in this population are disproportionately poor. That usually means having to sacrifice things that would actually benefit their well being – simple things like food and medicine.

And yet an industry, which openly merchandises death and misery, is recognized as a legitimate business, with government subsidies, and continues to be pushed by Wall Street as a viable investment.

Maybe it’s time to broaden the definition of mental illness.

Captured: People In Prison Drawing CEOs Who Should Be


What a great idea! Prison artists doing portraits of CEOs, and listing their crimes against the environment, economy and society. They can be seen in a book published by The Captured Project, whose website states that all “profits go toward holding corporations responsible for their crimes, reforming the criminal justice system, and removing corporate control over government” – the pillars of Bernie Sander’s campaign for president.

The book displays the portraits (which are rendered quite skillfully) and lists the CEO’s offenses below. Is it possible this kind of approach can open previously closed eyes and bring a new awareness of the crimes Big Business commits in order to “produce the products and services that better their customer’s lives”?

For too long these corporate mobsters have been foisted off as champions of democracy and protectors of the common good, when they are nothing more than corrupters of the same. It’s time they were stripped of their pretense to reveal the shameful naked truth.

Click here to see a sampling.

The Deep State: Digging Down with Trepidation


“The Deep State” is a term that has been growing incrementally in America’s Political awareness. My own introduction came by way of Bill Moyer’s interview with Mike Lofgren, author of The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government. Since then, as more information has entered my awareness, I’ve felt a painful need to understand more about this mysterious entity. I say painful because if even some of what’s being reported is true, it means having to radically adjust the way I see the world.

After reading an article on OpEdNews by Gareth Porter, I decided to test my understanding of the problem by posting a comment on the article in which the main points of the problem, as I understood them, were listed – along with several questions that came to mind as a result. It got several replies, one of which is included verbatim.

The Comment:
I have some questions to ask, and I do so without facetious intent. I’d just like to know if I have a correct understanding of what this and other writers who have dealt with the same issue are saying:

  1. The Deep state is the entity actually in control of U.S. foreign policy.
  2. All the news coming from mass media outlets really is “fake” in that it’s manipulated by the Deep State for its own purposes.
  3. No one in government can be trusted, because they’re either part of the Deep State or are being duped by it.
  4. The so-called “elected” Presidents of both parties are simply trading places as the titular head of a sham government.
  5. Self-interest for the purpose of self-preservation is the primary driving force within government agencies.
  6. As long as the FBI, CIA and NSA (not to mention whatever other agency we might know about) maintain their ability to covertly direct policy and disseminate propaganda, there is no hope for government “chosen” by an electoral process to have any effect, or serve any purpose.
  7. If this is in fact the case, it puts citizens totally at the mercy of unseen forces.

Personally, this leaves me with several uncomfortable questions:

  1. Is there any way out?
  2. If conspiring forces are so deeply entrenched, what power do ordinary citizens have to uproot them and take back the ability to self-govern (if in fact we ever had it).
  3. Would it even be possible to do so without taking apart the whole machine and starting over?
  4. Who can be trusted?

Please clarify any misunderstanding on my part – it would be greatly appreciated.

Reply by Jack Dresser:

You’ve described the picture very well. A revolutionary transformation uprooting and replacing our hopelessly corrupt and murderous system is clearly necessary for human survival. The recent impassioned rejection of the duopoly by voters suggests the first boil over of a revolutionary teapot Chris Hedges anticipated 3 years ago. But Hedges warned that a viable replacement system needs to be clearly conceptualized and ready for installation to avoid chaos and/or seizure of power by the embattled deep state which still has the guns.

A stepwise process will be necessary with multiple elements to preserve the economy while transforming its structures and outputs. As an established government figure bearing the vision of a not-too-radical democratic socialist model, Sanders demonstrated what could be done as a beginning. His platform, however, was very limited. He failed to face militarism, ecological destruction and climate crises on the near horizon. The Green Party platform was much better, as is the Movement for Black Lives platform, and it’s interesting how closely these platforms match.

But beyond clear-eyed and creative vision, politically savvy candidates with charisma are needed who can dissolve the artificial left-right distinctions and identify key common threads. A critical mass of the citizenry must reach the level of understanding you describe to demand and support integration of legitimate citizen needs united in radical change. Solution to any puzzle first requires clear recognition of the pieces and how they fit together.

There are numerous small-scale models around the world to draw upon – e.g., the autonomous communities of Gaviotas in Columbia and Marinaleda in Andalucia, the autonomous Mondragon economy of Basque Spain, the direct participatory socialist democracy we destroyed in Gaddafi’s Libya, the recent constitutions of Bolivia and Ecuador protecting rights of indigenous communities and the earth, the localized eco-agricultural projects surpassing GMO agriculture in crop yields using organic methods, and many discrete, inventive, sensible social and political systems as seen in Michael Moore’s “Who do we invade next?”

There may yet be basis for hope, but we must first decapitate both heads of our Hydra and see citizenship as a daily, not biennial, duty.


From this and other replies, it appears that my basic understanding of the Deep State is workable. But it’s evident that there’s much more to learn. I’ve seen writers shoot off in different directions when discussing the Deep State, some of which are a bit too far out for my taste. My plan then, is to identify a few sources who can be deemed credible and follow the thread of their reports.

In truth, I hoped my analysis was off the mark. But since I’ve been assured it is not, it means having to face a choice: either ignore what’s been revealed about the Deep State and carry on as usual – or reconstruct the entire political landscape, and learn to comprehend it from two points of view.

Perhaps the iceberg analogy would be appropriate here. The tip of the berg may be real enough, but the immensity of what controls its direction lies unseen, deep below the surface.

However, the question about a way out was answered – and in the way I’d anticipated. A thorough transformation of government, (whether top-down or bottom-up, I’m not sure) is needed. Furthermore, any transformation that includes eliminating the Deep State would have to be nothing short of revolutionary in nature. What form that revolution would take is the only question.