Trumpism is a warning from our collective unconscious –


I have what some would consider to be an off the wall theory to explain the improbable election of Donald Trump.

Consider this possibility: what if it was meant as a warning sent to the American people by our collective unconscious? What if it’s purpose was to alert us to perilous self-destructive impulses that lie below the level of our national awareness – impulses that would bring a tragic end to the American experiment?

Donald Trump embodies, and is a reflection of, the worst elements embedded within the fabric of American society. He has given free expression to the bassist and most vile elements within our culture. He has turned good into evil and evil into good. He has made heroes of murderous despots and turned virtuous men of honor into villains.

But now, because of the toxic presidency that WE brought about, we know these impulses exist within the nation’s (our) psyche. Now we can answer by engaging our collective goodwill to purge this toxic energy. We can overcome the doctrine of hate and division by infusing our national consciousness with the healing energy of compassion and kindness.

Indeed, Trump is not the cause of our present malady – he is a symptom.

His toxic presidency has made us aware of the dis-ease of fear infecting our cultural anatomy. Fear breeds hatred and hatred breeds violence, both physical and emotional.

As such, surgical removal is not the answer.

There is always the threat the cancer has metastasized and will recur. The cure must come from recognizing the organic source of the disease at its deepest levels. We can then work to first, heal the emotional wounds causing fear and hatred, and then radically reprogram our social and economic relationships. That means reprogramming to support the best impulses of the human soul – and being satisfied only when everyone is involved and benefits equally.

None of this is easy, but it’s the only effective antidote to toxic Trumpism.


Author: Ron Nilson

Lapsed capitalist, recovering consumer, artist, self-published poet, avid tree hugger, animal rights advocate and Reiki Master. Originally from New Jersey - now living in Michigan near the great urban experiment called Detroit.

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