Ron Nilson

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I’m now retired after having worked in the graphics and retail fields for 30 plus years. Most of my work life was spent pursuing goals that had no personal value. It’s not surprising to me now that western society’s definition of “success” was never achieved. I struggled with the resulting demons of self-doubt and various addictions, one of which was obvious, and others of a more subtle, and in many cases, socially acceptable nature.

After getting a degree in psychology and art, I attended a Lutheran Seminary and added an Masters in theology. For a brief time I served as an associate in campus ministry at the University of Michigan. I left after a year with the realization that my personal beliefs and church doctrine were no longer compatible.¬†Though not involved with any organized religion, I’ve¬†continued to explore spiritual philosophies and practices.

Originally from New Jersey, I now live with wife and cat near the great urban experiment called Detroit.