How Big Tobacco Targets the Mentally Ill

Want more proof that nothing is out of bounds for tobacco companies in carrying out their profitable mission to push “nicotine delivery systems” any way they can? Consider this – Did you know mentally ill adults smoke one third of all cigarettes in the US? It’s true, and it didn’t come about just by accident.…… Continue reading How Big Tobacco Targets the Mentally Ill

A Warning From Easter Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui), is the Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, most famous for its 887 giant carved stone statues (Maoi). What many don’t know is that the now desolate island was once a verdant paradise with a thriving culture. Understanding what happened there, and why, should sound a loud alarm to all…… Continue reading A Warning From Easter Island

How Long Does It Take to Make A Trillion?

If you’re mathematically challenged like me, you need help relating to numbers followed by lots of zero’s. I understand the hundreds and thousands well enough, and can even comprehend millions – at least in the abstract. But for anything beyond that, you might as well be speaking Abyssinian. So in order to get some sort…… Continue reading How Long Does It Take to Make A Trillion?